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Rayon Tec

At a career cross roads, we had a choice to be conventional engineers in a structured, corporate environment or exploring an unknown rough path – setting up an identity of our own in this world.

The Third Eye

Today, we are glad that we took this rough route which made us a dynamic group at Rayon Tec– young engineers living out our dreams each day – carving an imaginative and intuitive dimension to ourselves, Call it The Third Eye, combining our consistent understanding of the physics of things with the design principles learned at school and globally accepted design applications  to create impeccable solutions for our customers. 

Our Journey

Rayon Tec started in 2018, as a 3D Printing Firm – a technology we believe is important to Product Development across industries, from established players to young innovators. 3D Printing by itself is a nascent technology with immense potential – today, a part of a larger solution to the process of PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. Like every other manufacturing process, it has an approach of its own. It requires its own Design Work Flow. Being nascent stages, for certain applications, the technology has to be shouldered by the fully fledged manufacturing technologies accepted and utilized today

With 3D Printing, we were only a cog in the wheel for Entrepreneurs’ products to see the light of the day. We did not want to stop there. We wanted to be the complete solution. Hence, we set upon our Mission, to be “The Solution” for your Visions through our Mantra, “DESIGN, DEVELOP, MANUFACTURE” and have established ourselves as a Product Development Firm – A single stop solution, we provide Design, Product Development and Manufacturing Solutions. Rayon Tec is one of the first in the country to specialize in Low Volume Manufacturing and Prototyping.

A 100% No Compromise Solution For The Customers Via DDM Mantra

Key People

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