Prototyping and Low Volumes

Integrating software and automated processes, we offer Prototyping and low volume production.

We turn designs into reality – our prototyping delivers the critical “Look & Feel” to your ideas and blueprints.

Form & Fit

Prototyping is an indispensable stage between design and manufacture. Accuracy is the basis for selecting the right process for Prototyping, as they may not require to fulfil mechanical requirements like strength.

Assembly of components – mechanical, electrical, electronics – can be done by building dimensionally correct prototypes, the first step of prototyping – validation of Computer Aided Design data of new designs.

Essentially, Ease of Access for assembly, disassembly and routine maintenance can be checked, where the project demands, through these prototypes.


Apart from Form and Fit, in certain cases, during Development of a product Functionality is also to be tested and validated in the Prototype. We deliver prototypes to the desired level through Additive Manufacturing and Technologies, besides CNC Machining, Casting and Injection Moulding, as per the process requirement of validating the Functionality.

Additive Manufacturing and Technologies have developed by leaps and bounds. In addition to the continually developing process of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), the choice of materials now available have also expanded.

Exhibition Models 

What better way to showcase your designs and concepts when presenting a new product than a physical exhibit – until now a physically, economically stressful aside from the mental strain of adhering to deadlines.

We strive to understand what you need and, through our widespread network across multiple manufacturing processes, help you create aesthetic and functional models, in critical and tight timelines. Making the all-important first impression that you have targeted, for exhibitions and product launches, a critical but stress-free stage of your Product Development Cycle.

Pre Production

From one to Several Hundred, based on the application, demanding different techniques and mediums to manifest the designs, Prototyping can deliver quantities..

Availability of products is a key factor to meet the response of the market. Prototypes that look, feel and function as the product should, are of paramount importance at this proving stage, basis which production would be finalised. 

A planned approach to the pre-production stage helps optimise timelines and costs. Our expertise and understanding accompanied by the inputs of our network of experienced associate manufacturers, helps deliver solutions to assist you for a variety of market response scenarios.

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