Vaccum Casting

Vacuum casting is an economical, affordable, and ideally for small quantities. Silicone can be used for Vacuum casting. This method is one of the quickest for replicating your prototype master. A good way to make products and parts, it can create exact replicas of the master mold.

The process involves injecting resin into a mold made from silicon in a two-part process: creating the mold and injecting the material to create the finished part.

Vacuum casting is an economical option if you compare it with other prototyping methods.

Since resin is used in creating the replicas, you can select the material that is as close to the one used in the original product as possible. You can select from the material with the right hardness, the correct rigidity and flexibility, and with the same appearance. Silicone also comes in different colors.

A low-volume manufacturing method, with a production output of ten to a hundred before discarding the mold, Vacuum casting is more suitable for pre-series production as it creates exact replicas of the model. The final product is most often used in visual and mechanical tests in product development.

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